Fédération Nationale des Producteurs d'Anacarde du Bénin

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The FENAPAB – National Association of Cashew Producers in Benin

Who Are We?

The National Federation of Cashew Producers of Benin (FENAPAB) is the umbrella organization for cashew farmers in Benin. It is organized from the grassroots up to the national level.

FENAPAB was created in January 2006 following the government's call to make cashew nuts one of the top priorities. Regulated according to the uniform of the OHADA, it is officially recognized by the Government of Benin under the number 03/10/03/2016 / Im (Registration date October 4, 2016.) Today, it brings together more than 450 cooperatives.

The FENAPAB is based on universal cooperative principles. It is administered by a general assembly of 40 delegates, a board of directors of 11 members, and a supervisory board of 3 members.

The network has a technical staff of about 50 staff members in the Permanent Secretariat (national headquarters). The FENAPAB serves today as the reference in terms of information on cashew nuts in Benin.

Our Activities

Organization of cooperatives:

·        Capacity building of cooperators on community life

·        Formalization

·        Functioning, management, good governance and resource mobilization


·        Capacity building of producers and nurseries on best agricultural practices, such as: installation of new plantations, rehabilitation of old plantations, maintenance of plantations, management of diseases and pests, harvest and post-harvest of nuts

·        Support for the production and dissemination of grafted plants

·        Access to lending credit: Facilitation of links between producers, DFS and other actors

·        Promotion of service provider pools


·        Producer training on grouped sales

·        Training on Storage Techniques

·        Determination of the quality of raw cashew nuts (KOR)

·        Support for the organization of the group sale

·        Producer access to market information (Market information system)



·        Support for structuring women processors of apples

·        Capacity building of women processors of apples

·        Facilitating links between women processors and partners

·        Distribution of processed products

Mot du Président
Chers visiteurs,
Bienvenue sur le portail de la FENAPAB.
La Fédération Nationale des Producteurs d’Anacarde du Bénin (FENAPAB) est une Organisation à caractère coopératif, régie conformément à l’Acte Uniforme de l’Organisation pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique des Droits des Affaires (OHADA) relatif au droit des Sociétés Coopératives. Elle est membre actif de l’Interprofession de la Filière Anacarde (IFA-Bénin).
En sa qualité de faitière nationale, la FENAPAB entends
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